i have absolutely no ideas on how to update this website,i cant really enjoy anything anymore. im so glad i realised how worthless life is, i have no morals and i love how okay i am with death. now what i hate is how obsessed i am with being seen as someone who is "well off"..such a human thing to do. i feel embarassed all the time for no reason.13/04/24

i am so fucked right now, for the love of GOD someone give me a fucking shotgun..ive been thinking a lot about life recently and how everything i do is pointless.i feel like taking my own life is the best solution, i really dont feel like dying to old age. im not mentally ill, just too self-aware for my age unlike most of you.i hope someone dumbfounds me so i can work till i die and betray my own thoughts."being made a human without the possiblity of BEING human the cruelest of all punishments" - Dylan Klebold 2/15/24

i was away 4 some time but hopefully i can start updating this website again.. dont really have anything else 2 say since my life is boring. 2/10/24

finally home, almost killed a few idiots today...seems like people nowadays dont look left or right before crossing the road.. and while i was trying to park some stupid couple walked right in front of me with their infant... natural selection at its finest! 1/17/24

first journal entry...i am tired as fuck but making my own corner on the internet is fun, i should prob introduce myself 2 since i alr have over 600 visits (the counter sux ass).. 1/16/24